Media Release: World Trade Organisation talks ignore SDG14

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) current negotiations on ending fisheries subsidies are undermining livelihoods and development for developing and least-developed countries. This was echoed by small-scale fisher groups, civil society organisations, intra-government bodies and Member country negotiators at the WTO public forum on “Catching Development: Acting Together for Sustainable Fisheries Trade”, hosted by the Pacific Network on Globalisation and Handelskampanjen.

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Joint statement on Nauru trigger

JOINT STATEMENT PCC / PIANGO / DAWN / PANG 1st July 2021 DeepGreen the main beneficiary of Nauru mining trigger Pacific Regional Civil Society groups today accused DeepGreen, a venture capitalist company, as the real beneficiary of the Nauru Government’s decision to trigger the start of a process which could lead to potential widespread seabed mining in 2 years’ time.

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