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Media Release: World Trade Organisation talks ignore SDG14

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) current negotiations on ending fisheries subsidies are undermining livelihoods and development for developing and least-developed countries. This was echoed by small-scale fisher groups, civil society organisations, intra-government bodies and Member country negotiators at the WTO public forum on “Catching Development: Acting Together for Sustainable Fisheries Trade”, hosted by the Pacific Network on Globalisation and Handelskampanjen.

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Global talks on Fisheries subsidies must target big subsidisers not development

Global talks on Fisheries subsidies must target big subsidisers not development   July 13 2021   Civil society organisations from around the world are calling on trade ministers to ensure that negotiations on fisheries subsidies at the World Trade Organization (WTO) don’t undermine development aspirations of small-scale fishing communities and developing countries – but target those most historically responsible for

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Big, Rich, and Powerful Subsidisers to Benefit from WTO Fisheries Subsidies Talks

WTO Director General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala facing pressure to end fisheries subsidies / WTO image “ A significant 10 steps backward for holding those countries with heavily subsidised fleets accountable and acting to reduce global pressure on fish stocks ” Media release 31st may 2021: Global talks to reign in global fisheries subsidies are failing to hold big, rich and powerful

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WTO agreements will impact small scale fisheries

This year the World Trade Organization (WTO) is pushing to reach an agreement on the use of subsidies for fishing, a deal that will have widespread impacts on small-scale and artisanal fisherfolk around the world.   While the negotiations on fisheries subsidies began over 18 years ago, they received a renewed boost with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   The

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WTO Fisheries Subsidies undermining Pacific sovereignty, food security and livelihood

By Adam Wolfenden This week members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be meeting to discuss rules for curbing fisheries subsidies that, if currently accepted, will undermine the sovereignty and control of Pacific Ocean resources by Pacific Island Countries. An outcome like what is being proposed will benefit those countries that have already built their fleet capacities, giving them

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