Dear Bjarke Ingels,

“You don’t know us yet, but we write to you on behalf of past, present and future lives in the Pacific on your project for
deep sea mining in our home.

We know that you, like us, come from a Sea of Islands, and that in your country, Denmark, the sea is never more than 50 kilometres away. Perhaps you feel that saltwater resembles the water in your body, that humans cry saltwater. Perhaps you are reminded like us that we sweat and cry salt water because the sea flows in our blood. 

Your ancestors, like ours, sailed the seas perhaps this is the reason you live on a ship called Bukken Bruse. We are told this name is based on a Scandinavian tale.

A tale of 3 goats or bucks trying to cross a bridge to green grass on the other side seems deeply appropriate for your project DEEP.  A troll living under the bridge complains about the noise. Threatens to eat them.

We are on opposite sides of this bridge. Our Pacific bridge. There is no green grass on the other side. Or mining gold over that bridge.

So, you, like others before you, wish to enter our home and take what does not belong to you.  You seem not to understand scientific studies, so we hope this magical tale makes more sense to you.

Once a upon a time, three bucks tried to cross a bridge where a troll lived under it.  

The first buck saw an exotic faraway untouched paradise. Green with greed, he wished to colonise it all for himself. Bought passage across with pretty, shiny trinkets. With him, came uninvited friends, quickly ravaged locals, wiping out three out of four.

Once across the bridge? First buck got so fat; slowly rotting from inside out.

Second buck quickly saw how fat first buck was! Eyes lit up. Saw empty ocean, so endless it could swallow up all lands of the world! Bought passage across the bridge promising world peace, testing 315 nuclear bombs. A noble sacrifice for good of all mankind.

Once across the bridge he still felt afraid in his militarized fort for bombs can’t stop the sea rising.

Your company? BIG + sponsor The Metals Company the third big buck trying to cross our bridge. Under that bridge is a troll.

We, the people of Oceania, represent the troll - a Blue line, one that you should not cross.

The troll is a character of your traditions made up to frighten little children, yet in our part of the sea, trolls take on a different meaning - magical shapeshifters, avatars, the last guardians of this ocean.   They issue early warning signs, caution humans and when needed prohibit crossing - which is the message we have for you now.

BIG may believe it can lure today’s ethically conscious - that those electric cars powered by batteries are for the ‘good of all mankind’! That it will save the planet and keep us safe, but it won’t! Not for long anyway.  We both know that warming seas, rising oceans will not be saved by electric cars powered by deep sea minerals. Data scientists do magical things too, drawing on millions of data points to warn that by mining these minerals on the seafloor?

It will only make matters worse.  Mining will interfere with carbon storage systems that keep our planet living - as mining releases carbon dioxide, and methane gases, a green gas more potent than carbon dioxide, that will cause a ‘doomsday’ climate scenario.  

BIG may believe that with a stroke of a pencil and sleek design it can soften and blur the hard edges of 300 tonne steel monsters devouring the ocean floor. But we see your pretty monsters, threatening the seafloor, destroying it forever, the cradle of our origins of life!  The tide of public opinion is changing rapidly, and it will engulf BIG if not careful.  

Do not be fooled into believing that the might of a BIG buck today will topple the troll tomorrow. For we, the Pacific are ancient currents and living systems built through millennia that flow through our veins.  Only fools do not know the true value of these ancient living systems until too late. 

But the story does not have to end this way.  You don’t have to be a Deep Sea Miner. We invite you instead to join us as a Deep Sea Minder.  Surely it is an offer you cannot refuse, to rewrite a different ending in a fairy-tale fitting for BIG!

“ For we, the Pacific, are ancient currents and living systems built through millennia that flow through our veins ”  

We write these words on behalf of those who were before and those who are to be, those who live above the surface and those watching over us from the deep Sea.

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