Ocean economy

Shaping an economy that strengthens Pacific Peoples’ custodianship of the Ocean

The Blue Economy has framed ocean resources as a potential windfall for ocean states yet the push to extract new ocean resources is largely ungoverned. Despite an agreement of the High Seas Treaty that governs biodiversity beyond jurisdictions, the threat remains on our ocean as the International Seabed Authority debates the future of deep-sea mining.  Globally there are significant gaps around the governance of the ocean as a single entity. Different legal instruments governing diverse uses of the ocean are located in various United Nations bodies. 

Through our work, PANG highlights and exposes gaps within international and regional instruments that informs the blue economy, to ensure international protocols for protecting the health of the oceans are necessary, and done according to and in consultation with Pacific peoples.   

  • Expose the interests, agendas and actors that are shaping the blue economy to be a continuation of deepening neoliberal agendas in the Pacific Islands;
  • Disrupt the frameworks and mechanisms that promote a neo-liberal blue economy vision;
  • Create spaces for the elevation of an ocean economy that strengthens Pacific peoples’ custodianship of the ocean for future generations.
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