About PANG

The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) is a regional watchdog set up to ensure Pacific peoples’ right to be self-determining.  PANG mobilises movements and advocates based on substantive research and analysis to promote a Pacific peoples’ development agenda.

PANG operates through a networking model to support and work with national and community level groups representing diverse constituencies and interests including trade unions, feminists, young people, traditional landowners, community and environmental groups, scientists, lawyers, economists, political analysts, academics, parliamentarians and government officials. 

Our vision:  Act as the region’s watch dog to safeguard and advance a Pacific self-determination agenda.

Our mission:  Envisions a Pacific where people’s rights to be self-determining, self-reliant and self-sufficient are recognized and upheld.  

Our values:  As a Pacific regional network, we place great value on collective efforts, to harness our network’s diversity whilst being flexible to build solidarity to enhance our knowledge systems and abilities to be self-reliant and self-sufficient as a response to complex interlinked contemporary challengers.   

Our history

PANG was established in the year 2000 in Fiji. It was formed by regional NGOs based in Fiji, with concerns that civil society was being left out of debates and regional policy spaces on trade liberalization in the Pacific and that the free trade agenda coming into the region did not give priority to the key goals of human development and poverty reduction which needed addressing for the Pacific Island countries.