Tabu Pacer-Plus

The Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus (PACER-Plus) is a proposed regional free trade agreement between Australia, New Zealand and the 14 Pacific Island Countries. The negotiations were controversially launched in 2009 despite reservations from some Pacific governments.

PACER-Plus is being negotiated in secret with leaked negotiating text often the only way the general public is able to see what is on the table. PACER-Plus aims to restructure the economies of the Pacific under the promise that this will bring in greater investment and fuel economic growth. 

This means restricting what Pacific governments can and cannot do with regards to their economic policy and includes: limiting the amount of import taxes applied; removing requirements that investors employ local workers or local content; and undermining the ability of governments to regulate. Proponents claim this agreement will improve sustainable economic development in the Pacific. Australia and New Zealand are pushing this regional free trade agreement. To determine our own development in the Pacific, we assert Tabu Pacer-Plus.

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