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Economic Justice

The Economic Justice campaign focuses on the role that free trade agreements (FTAs) play in undermining the economic self-determination of the Pacific Island Countries and territories.

We work to challenge the narrow, neoliberal definition of development that is pushed onto the Pacific through the constraints on development options that legally binding trade agreements enforce. We defend the right for Pacific Island Countries to be economically self-determining.

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Bad for Business 
How PACER-Plus is a price too high for Pacific livelihoods and businesses 
The regional free trade agreement, known as PACER-Plus, is being sold as a way for Pacific Island Countries to boost Pacific economies by allowing them to trade more. However PACER-Plus is shaping up as an agreement that won't fit into the Pacific reality, will have weak protections for Pacific businesses and undermines the ability of governments to enact policies to support and nurture vital Pacific industries
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